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mTrip Travel Guides offering free travel apps today

With the launch of seven new travel guides for spring, we will be offering them for free today in the Apple App Store. In the Android market, the 11 selected apps will be discounted to 0.99 Thursday and Friday, perhaps even longer so keep an eye out! Along with the 7 new city guides, some of our older destinations will be on offer for free: Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore & Shanghai. All apps go back to regular price ($5.99) afterward so don’t miss out on this promotion!

Download the apps!

mTrip’s iPhone travel apps

mTrip’s Android travel apps

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  1. Felipe Veiga
    Felipe Veiga says:

    Hi, since I’ve bought mTrip NY I have felt in love with your app. Today my hometown mTrip was release and available for free! However, when i’ve tried to click on the link to buy it would show up the regular price at 5.99. And this would happen to all the free apps available today, even thou on the search for mTrip they would be listed for free. Could you look into on why I couldn’t get your apps for free as everyone else?

    My iPhone is 4, I have 4.3 version, not jailbroken, US Store account. BTW I’ve tried flashing and turning it off and on and it didnt help.

  2. Ed
    Ed says:

    It’s great that the iPhone apps are free, but why couldn’t mtrip do the same for the android apps?

  3. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    The Android market works a little bit different than Apple…but to make up for it, the Android apps are on sale at 0.99 for a longer period of time :)

  4. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    Hi Felipe,
    Thanks for your kind words about mTrip and I’m glad to hear you enjoy the app. About the free day, its Apple that is selling our app so its difficult for us to say why that happened to you. I too tried to download the app free last night and while the app store told me it was a paid app, I tapped on No Credit Card and then it downloaded for free. I hope next time you will be able to take advantage of our promotion.

  5. Felipe Veiga
    Felipe Veiga says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Sabrina, pitty that happened, I am glad to support mTrip however with my purchases. Keep up the good work and, from time to time, some freebies!

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