Dining Etiquette Around the World Featured

Dining Etiquette Around the World

Do you know your dining etiquette while traveling? Even if you think you do, you’re most likely to find a few surprises in this great infographic by Restaurant Choice. Belching, slurping, tipping, forks, chopsticks, sharing, and general customs from around the world!
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Top Five Attractions to Visit in Bangkok

Bangkok, meaning “village of wild plums” is the largest city in Thailand and happens to be the Capital of this incredible country – but did you know that this city is actually called Krung Thep Mahanakhon (City of Angels) by locals? Anyone can see that Bangkok is a city with an endless amount of things to experience so if you are planning to visit the ”City of Angels” we have some suggestions for the top attractions you should visit.

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Celebrating Songkran in Thailand

Ask frequent travelers for their favorite time to visit popular destinations and you’re bound to hear “the shoulder seasons” as a common reply. Shoulder seasons usually offer the best combination of good weather and lower prices, which means more bang for your tourist buck. In some places, however, the shoulder season also happens to be the time when a country’s biggest celebrations take place. Such is the case with Thailand’s Songkran Festival, which takes place in the middle of April every year and marks the start of the New Year.

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mTrip travel apps for free

mTrip Travel Guides offering free travel apps today

With the launch of seven new travel guides for spring, we will be offering them for free today in the Apple App Store. In the Android market, the 11 selected apps will be discounted to 0.99 Thursday and Friday, perhaps even longer so keep an eye out! Along with the 7 new city guides, some of our older destinations will be on offer for free: Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore & Shanghai. All apps go back to regular price ($5.99) afterward so don’t miss out on this promotion!

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mTrip’s iPhone travel apps

mTrip’s Android travel apps


mTrip launched new city guides for Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Budapest & Prague

Spring travels are underway and we thought what better way to kick off the season then with new city guides to help you navigate your trips?

So, we are happy to announce the launch of five new travel guides: Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Budapest & Prague.

Grab a guide here & enjoy :)