Candy Apples at a Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin Germany

Top Christmas Markets to visit in Berlin, Germany

Christmas Markets or to use the German word, Weihnachtsmärkte can be found around the world but none compare to the Christmas Markets in one of their original regions: Germany.  In Berlin alone there are over 60 different Christmas Markets every year!  Every one of them has its own charm and still at each of them we can enjoy many of the delicious foods and drinks, mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. Gifts and decorations are available at the majority of markets as well, yet each market has its own niche, often products from local artists.   They are a great place to mingle with locals and have a magical atmosphere to them.

Here, we have rounded up some of the must visit Christmas Markets if your in Germany (Berlin) for the Holidays.

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Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Get Cultured at Berlin’s Literature Festival

Come September, most visitors to Germany are thinking about one event: Oktoberfest. But the country plays hosts to another – less raucous – festival during the month. The International Literature Festival Berlin welcomes over 100 authors and over 30,000 people who come for more than 300 events held around the city for 10 days in September.

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Berlin Wall - Berlin, Germany

Germany commemorates 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall

A powerful, physical symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was the barrier that isolated East from West Berlin for almost 30 years. 50 years later, Germany is commemorating the historic anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall built in 1961. The wall was built to decrease the activity of Germans moving from Communist East Berlin to Capitalist West Berlin. Upon its completion the wall stood 12 feet high and 28 miles long.

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Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

Summer is upon us and so marks the beginning of outdoor festival season. Among the many types of festivals, the music types are abundant and often offer the best way to enjoy being outside with friends. There are too many music festivals to list out but here are our top ten music festivals for the coming months. Which would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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Berlin’s latest attraction, The Computer Game Museum

With an archive of 14,000 games and over 300 exhibits, the Computer Game Museum aims to teach visitors about the video gaming evolution in an interactive and experiment-friendly environment.

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