5 Great restaurants to enjoy authentic Chicago food

As a native of Chicago, I might be a bit biased when I say that Chicago is the greatest city in the United States. There is so much to do and see in Chicago: from shopping along Michigan Avenue to enjoying the day at Navy Pier along Lake Michigan. In addition to being home to the tallest building in the United States, Chicago is also a Mecca for food. Known for their Chicago style hot dogs and deep dish pizza, you won’t have a problem finding a great restaurant to eat at in Chicago.

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A beautiful shot of the Chicago River turned green

The Chicago River, turning green for St. Patrick’s Day

For many of us St. Patrick’s Day brings a day full of parades, green beer and shamrocks but in the city of Chicago St. Patrick’s Day also brings a unique tradition: dyeing the Chicago River green. This tradition has a particularly interesting history and is must see if you are in Chicago this St. Patrick’s Day.

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Sweet Home Chicago!

Chicago is the dynamo of America’s Mid West, a hard-working, hard-playing enclave where skyscrapers sprout from the ground, lively bars and restaurants dot almost every corner, and pockets of culture nestle on streets where a busy populace goes about its business. So how to spend your time when you arrive in the Windy City? There are numerous ways, but you should certainly dip a toe into each of the following:

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Five Free Ways to Experience Chicago This Summer

A visit to Chicago, as to most big cities, can be expensive. Downtown hotels don’t come cheap and dining in the city’s best restaurants can cost a pretty penny. Add in cab fares, museum fees, and tour prices, and you may think a visit to the Windy City is out of your budget. The good news is that not only are flights to Chicago fairly affordable from most other cities, but there’s also a ton of free and very cheap things to do to help you experience the best of the city on a smaller budget. Here are five ways to enjoy Chicago without paying a single cent.

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Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

Summer is upon us and so marks the beginning of outdoor festival season. Among the many types of festivals, the music types are abundant and often offer the best way to enjoy being outside with friends. There are too many music festivals to list out but here are our top ten music festivals for the coming months. Which would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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