Six romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London

London is often viewed as a dark and misty city; though at times that may be true London can be just as romantic as “The City of Love” (Paris).  London has dozens of beautiful historic sites, gardens and is brimming with romantic possibilities. Valentine’s Day in London can be an unforgettable experience and if you are there with your loved one it is something you should not miss out on.  We have gathered some of the most romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London. Read more

high tech Eccleston hotel

Hi-Tech Hotel Targets Tech-Savvy Travelers with iPad in Every Room

With the advent of tech-savvy travelers and a crop of high-tech hotels to match, it has become increasingly difficult for traditional hotels to win over this niche group.

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Buckingham Palace summer opening

Buckingham Palace Summer Opening July 23 to Oct 3

Beginning July 23, the Buckingham Palace State Rooms open to the public. It’s difficult to imagine being a part of the ceremonial and official occasions, but it’s certainly nice to get the visitor tour while the Queen takes her annual visit to Scotland.

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Enjoying London’s Royal Attractions

In the days around July 4th in the United States, we’re all about beating the U-S-A! U-S-A! drum – and there’s nothing wrong with citizens celebrating their country’s independence. But for all our chest-thumping about how happy we are to be free from our one-time royal overlords, those royal attractions are top on our must-see list whenever we visit London.

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Bus Stories

London Street Photography Festival celebrates the city through unstaged photos

An exciting new event in London’s cultural calendar, London Street Photography Festival will showcase the best contemporary street photographers, while honoring past masters and providing a platform for dialogue around street photography.

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