The Met

New Andy Warhol inspired exhibit opens at The MET in NYC

Legendary artist Andy Warhol is the inspiration for a new exhibit “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Featuring 45 works by Warhol himself and 100 works by 60 together other artists inspired by Warhol’s creations, the exhibit brings examples Warhol’s work as well as those by other artists who “reinterpret, respond, or react to his ground breaking view”.

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Manhattanhenge: an urban solar phenomenon

Manhattanhenge is an amazing coincidence of nature and the city where twice a year the setting sun aligns perfectly with the street grid of Manhattan in New York City. The result is a breathtaking view of Manhattan’s buildings lined with an orange glow radiating across the north and south sides of every cross street in the borough.

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New York on a budget

Tips for Saving Money in New York City

New York City, some argue, is the best city in the world. It can also be one of the most expensive. Manhattan hotels don’t come cheap (or even “inexpensive”), taxis and attraction admissions add up, and when your dining options include some of the top rated restaurants in the world, it’s easy to quickly spend your way into financial ruin. But the Big Apple doesn’t have to take a big bite out of your budget. Here are a few tips for saving money in New York.

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Four ways New York City is going Digital in 2011

With the primary task of assessing New York’s digital strategy, Rachel Sterne has compiled a 90-page report called the Road Map for the Digital City. The report showcases how Rachel and her team plan to increase the cities digital reach. Here is what she plans to implement and how it will effect New York tourists and locals alike.

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Dram bar New York

Shake it up in NYC! Favourite places for cool cocktails in the Big Apple

New York is where the American cocktail scene took off, and there are now dozens of bars that serve up authentic, fresh craft cocktails. From speakeasy-style holes in the wall to swanky hotel bars, there’s something for you no matter if you like things fun and fruity, or serious and stirred.

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