8 Fun family friendly things to do in San Francisco

One of the most visited cities in the world, San Francisco is an amazing place to visit for families. There are dozens of family friendly things to do in San Francisco, from the working waterfront to famous historical locations to world renowned architectural sites. A family visiting the San Francisco bay area can fill up a week or more with incredible sights and breathtaking activities, many of which can be seen nowhere else in the world.

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San Francisco Top foodie things to do

Top 5 things for foodies to do in San Francisco

The San Francisco area is considered by many to be the culinary capitol of North America. But, there is much more for a foodie to do in San Francisco besides visiting the many Michelin-starred restaurants. Taking a wider view of what the city has to offer will yield an excellent experience for any food lover.

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Taking Charge: Being Your Own Tour Guide

There have always been explorers – people who drew the maps rather than following them. For most of us, however, learning from those who have gone before is not only smart, it’s incredibly easy with all the tools available these days – including smartphone apps that make doing DIY tours simple and fun.

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Top 10 Summer Music Festivals

Summer is upon us and so marks the beginning of outdoor festival season. Among the many types of festivals, the music types are abundant and often offer the best way to enjoy being outside with friends. There are too many music festivals to list out but here are our top ten music festivals for the coming months. Which would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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Making the Most of Black Friday

There is no other way to describe shopping on Black Friday than to call it sheer madness. With crowds of people lining up outside stores before dawn, ruthless shoppers pushing and shoving to beat each other to the sales racks, and otherwise respectable mothers fighting over jewelry, dishware, and the hottest toys of the season, you’d think you dropped right into some sort of post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe. But no, it’s just the day after Thanksgiving (and the craziest way to kick off the orgy of consumer spending that will unfold over the next month). But whether you live in New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, or anywhere in between, there are ways to take advantage of the killer sales happening on Black Friday without the hassle of the madding crowd. Here’s how.

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