Stockholm summer

Taking Advantage of Summer in Stockholm

When people think of Stockholm, it’s not uncommon for the word “cold” to come up frequently. Sweden’s winters are very cold, indeed – but at the opposite end of the spectrum, summer in Stockholm is utterly glorious.

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mTrip travel apps for free

mTrip Travel Guides offering free travel apps today

With the launch of seven new travel guides for spring, we will be offering them for free today in the Apple App Store. In the Android market, the 11 selected apps will be discounted to 0.99 Thursday and Friday, perhaps even longer so keep an eye out! Along with the 7 new city guides, some of our older destinations will be on offer for free: Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore & Shanghai. All apps go back to regular price ($5.99) afterward so don’t miss out on this promotion!

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mTrip’s iPhone travel apps

mTrip’s Android travel apps


mTrip launched new city guides for Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Budapest & Prague

Spring travels are underway and we thought what better way to kick off the season then with new city guides to help you navigate your trips?

So, we are happy to announce the launch of five new travel guides: Stockholm, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Budapest & Prague.

Grab a guide here & enjoy :)