mTrip Travel Guide allows you to share postcards Offline while you travel

Are you nervous to use apps on your iPhone or Android while traveling abroad? Do you fear that you will incur roaming fees or eat up your data plan? This is an understandable fear and in the case of mTrip, it isn’t a problem! I’m no different than you in that I would never use an app while abroad if I thought it would charge me extra fees.

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Twestival 2010 – Using Social Media for Social Action

Twestival aka Twitter Festival uses social media to drive social action by providing the public with awareness and knowledge on the importance of education. The festival took place March 25, 2010 with local events in hundreds of cities worldwide. Although the event wrapped yesterday, the charity still continues to take in donations. It has thus far has raised more than $310K which is significantly higher than last years debut event at $250K+ from a total of 202 international cities. Read more

mTrip on Facebook

mTrip launched today its Facebook page.

In a near future, we will display announcements concerning the beta program, the new features, the destinations…

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50 great travel tweeters has listed 50 great travel tweeters to follow depending onthe king of information you are looking for:

From recommendation to travel deals

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