Dining Etiquette Around the World Featured

Dining Etiquette Around the World

Do you know your dining etiquette while traveling? Even if you think you do, you’re most likely to find a few surprises in this great infographic by Restaurant Choice. Belching, slurping, tipping, forks, chopsticks, sharing, and general customs from around the world!
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Spend your summer with Flora!

The Fribourg Region is located in Western Switzerland and is known for its beautiful mountains, lakes and heritage. Living in a chalet in the medows of the Gruyeres is Flora, the official representative of the region!

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win a trip with travalo

Win a $400 Flight Voucher from Travalo

Don’t weigh down your luggage with heavy perfume bottles. We’ve recently happened upon the clever Travalo,  which turns your favorite bottle of perfume into a portable spray mate for your travels. Take the nozzle off your favorite perfume and plug the handy finger size atomizer into it. Pump the atomizer and it will fill with no mess and no fuss. The TSA approved Travalo will be your perfect travel mate for your trip.

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Google Adds Flight Schedules & Airline Routes in Search

Today Google announced some new flight search features that have been implemented into their search. You can utilize the feature simply by searching for a destination on Google. You will be able to see which airlines take that route and when they fly. As shown in the image below, if you search flights ‘New York to Chicago,’ you will get the schedules of all non-stop flights for that route, which airlines are serving it as well as times. You can get the full schedules by clicking on ‘Schedule of non-stop flights.’

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Transat Vacationer, Kate McKenna of Transat Holidays: the trip of a lifetime [INTERVIEW]

In the first installment of our interview series, we talk to Kate McKenna, the Transat Vacationer of Transat Holidays. As the Transat Vacationer, she has the dream job every avid traveler can only dream of – traveling, seeing inspiration around every corner and telling the world all about it. We caught up with her in the middle of her trip itinerary and between exciting destinations. If you have any questions about her travel adventures leave them in the comments below.

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