Mobile usage survey

Interesting survey from Sprint about vacationers not using helpful travel applications due to budget concerns:

Survey Shows That Many Are Not Aware of Budget-wise Travel Applications on Their Wireless Device

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Air Travel

4 apps recommended by Web Worker Daily:

National Geographic’s Top 20 iPhone Travel Apps

1. Next Flight – Flight tracking

2. UrbanSpoon – Best restaurant guide

3. HearPlanet – Wikipedia tour guide

4. Air Sharing

5. Tweetie – Send vacation pics

6. IAmHere – Sends an email with a link to Google Maps

7. World Customs – International dos and don’ts

8. Wi-Fi Finder

9. The Weather Channel

10. Google Earth

and soon mTrip Travel Guide :)

Click here for the full Top 20 iPhone Travel Apps list

Google City Tours

Google has added yet another innovative application called City Tours to its collection.

Just type in where you’re visiting and Google will present a suggested itinerary spanning a three day trip, with around a dozen attractions per day depending on the city.

Check it out: