The Met

New Andy Warhol inspired exhibit opens at The MET in NYC

Legendary artist Andy Warhol is the inspiration for a new exhibit “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Featuring 45 works by Warhol himself and 100 works by 60 together other artists inspired by Warhol’s creations, the exhibit brings examples Warhol’s work as well as those by other artists who “reinterpret, respond, or react to his ground breaking view”.

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Don’t just visit Rome, live Rome

When in Rome, cook like a Roman, eat like a Roman and paint like Caravaggio or Raphael. To make your Italian holiday more enjoyable taste the fruits that Rome has to offer doing things the Italian way. You can learn how to master the art of original Neapolitan pizza baking direct from a Master “Pizzaiolo” and even attend mass at the Vatican.

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Budapest: The New Paris of the 20s?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been hearing places spoken about as “just like Paris of the 1920s.” When I first visited Prague in 1992, more than one person used that phrase to describe the city that was so recently free of Communist rule and seemed absolutely full of young artists, students, and musicians. Many of the new “Paris of the 1920s” locations are in Eastern Europe, and although Prague still tops the list of cities that get that moniker, Budapest is no stranger to that description, either. In fact, some take it a step further and say Budapest is like Prague – which is, in turn, like the Paris of the 20s – only they also say Budapest is much cheaper.

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Michelangelo Caravaggio

In Caravaggio’s footsteps: exploring Rome through his art

Italy is very lucky culturally because of its many artistic treasures. In a large city such as Rome, there is often too much to see in a short period of time. A great way to explore the city is to focus on particular artists whose works can be seen in the city while also giving you a chance to see a good portion of the city. For example, you could walk around Rome and see all of Bernini’s fountains, sculptures and buildings, or, as is the topic of this post, walk around Rome and see a good many paintings by the famous Caravaggio while seeing a great deal else, too!

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