Dram bar New York

Shake it up in NYC! Favourite places for cool cocktails in the Big Apple

New York is where the American cocktail scene took off, and there are now dozens of bars that serve up authentic, fresh craft cocktails. From speakeasy-style holes in the wall to swanky hotel bars, there’s something for you no matter if you like things fun and fruity, or serious and stirred.

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Sightseeing tips for São Paulo: experience the local culture

São Paulo offers everything you’d wish for and more from a big city. Since it’s a sprawling metropolis and the best options are not always close together, the best tactic for making the most of your day is to look for regions that have a few interesting places. Saturdays are ideal for sightseeing around this dynamic city. It offers you a mood that is far more calm and relaxed. To follow the suggested itinerary schedule, click on the links throughout the article, or use your mTrip Sao Paulo travel guide to find the places.

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Romantic sightseeing in Paris on Valentine’s Day

Paris has long cashed in on its reputation for being the city of love. With romantic scenery at every turn, its no wonder. If you are spending Valentines Day with your loved one in Paris, make it a day of sightseeing and visit some of these romantic spots.

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Five of the best Singapore attractions

Whether you’ve got just 48 hours on a stopover or plan to take your next holiday in Singapore, this great city state offers a wealth of attractions, thrilling adventure parks and myriad cultural delights.

Here’s my pick of five top sights and experiences not to be missed…

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New York’s Inspirational Rooftop Bars

After the hustle and bustle of a day shopping or taking in the sights and atmosphere of New York City, the numerous rooftop bars offer the full range of entertainment from dancing to dining to simply sipping a cocktail and watching the sun go down and the lights come up on the City that Never Sleeps. Rooftop bars offer the perfect combination of sightseeing and relaxing, making them the perfect cool-down and relaxation spot for holidaymakers. New York is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world, and the unique skyline views from the decks of these exotic rooftop bars can make the trip even more memorable; here are five of the best.

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