Washington, DC Summer Travel

One Last Family Summer Trip for 2011: Why not Washington DC?

Are you in the market for one last family vacation hurrah before the kids go back to school and you start making Christmas shopping lists? If you haven’t already been this year, Washington DC could fit the bill nicely.

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Bus Stories

London Street Photography Festival celebrates the city through unstaged photos

An exciting new event in London’s cultural calendar, London Street Photography Festival will showcase the best contemporary street photographers, while honoring past masters and providing a platform for dialogue around street photography.

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Dram bar New York

Shake it up in NYC! Favourite places for cool cocktails in the Big Apple

New York is where the American cocktail scene took off, and there are now dozens of bars that serve up authentic, fresh craft cocktails. From speakeasy-style holes in the wall to swanky hotel bars, there’s something for you no matter if you like things fun and fruity, or serious and stirred.

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Five Free Ways to Experience Chicago This Summer

A visit to Chicago, as to most big cities, can be expensive. Downtown hotels don’t come cheap and dining in the city’s best restaurants can cost a pretty penny. Add in cab fares, museum fees, and tour prices, and you may think a visit to the Windy City is out of your budget. The good news is that not only are flights to Chicago fairly affordable from most other cities, but there’s also a ton of free and very cheap things to do to help you experience the best of the city on a smaller budget. Here are five ways to enjoy Chicago without paying a single cent.

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The Wondrous City Of Barcelona

To say that Barcelona has been around for a long time would be a gross understatement. Whether one is interested in the cities history or its present day architecture, both are a major tourist draw year in and year out.

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