Taste of London

Taste of London is a Food Lovers World

From June 16-19 in London’s Regent’s Park, Taste of London (one of the many well-regarded Taste Festivals) will bring together an elite line-up of restaurants, chefs and other culinary experts. 40 of London’s best restaurants will be serving up some of the finest dishes and most exciting menus for their foodie fans.

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Universal Studios Singapore

Top 10 things to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful, multicultural city-state more than half of which is covered in parks and greenery. In case you have decided to visit this spectacular destination you should definitely spend a part of your vacation on the following activities:

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Sightseeing tips for São Paulo: experience the local culture

São Paulo offers everything you’d wish for and more from a big city. Since it’s a sprawling metropolis and the best options are not always close together, the best tactic for making the most of your day is to look for regions that have a few interesting places. Saturdays are ideal for sightseeing around this dynamic city. It offers you a mood that is far more calm and relaxed. To follow the suggested itinerary schedule, click on the links throughout the article, or use your mTrip Sao Paulo travel guide to find the places.

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Celebrating Songkran in Thailand

Ask frequent travelers for their favorite time to visit popular destinations and you’re bound to hear “the shoulder seasons” as a common reply. Shoulder seasons usually offer the best combination of good weather and lower prices, which means more bang for your tourist buck. In some places, however, the shoulder season also happens to be the time when a country’s biggest celebrations take place. Such is the case with Thailand’s Songkran Festival, which takes place in the middle of April every year and marks the start of the New Year.

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Visiting Venice During Carnival

You don’t have to be a hard-core Italophile to dream of seeing Venice – it was a required stop on the European Grand Tour, and remains one of the places many people have on their must-see lists. There are good reasons for this. The city is a wonderland of historic attractions, it’s ready for its close-up at every turn, and it always gives visitors the sensation of walking into a postcard.

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