Weekend Venice: See and be seen…

Italy’s lagoon city is a magical land of ancient palaces, belltowers and bridges with myriad delights tucked away in a labyrinth of secret passageways. If you only have 48 hours to criss-cross the canals of this fair city, here are the must-see star attractions and coolest places to hang out.

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July 4th will Mark Huge Increase in Travel

AAA projects shows there will be a significant jump in travel this 4th of July by both car and plane. An estimated 34.9 million people will be traveling 50 miles or more over the busy holiday weekend.

Off the beaten path with “Real” Berlin Bands 2010

If you are looking for something fun and a little off the beaten path, check out ‘Real’ Berlin Bands Concert Series Festival. In celebration of Berlin’s talented emerging artists, the festival takes the focus away from the mainstream and puts it on the underground scene. The goal is to give these talented artists the recognition and respect they deserve from a wider audience.

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France presents the 5th Edition of La Nuit des Musées

La Nuit des Musées, presented by the French Department of Culture brings the community together for one night annually in an effort to provide greater access to the many works of art housed within France’s museums. Each participating venue is welcome to create their own special program to entertain their visitors. Venues throughout France are welcome to participate with one stipulation – free access to their museums for this one special night.

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Peter Pan gets Mischievous in San Francisco

Don’t you wish you could fly and magically refuse not to grow up? Well, Peter Pan does! The tale is a classic one, appearing in many caricatures and now its being brought back to life.

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