Prague Spring International Music Festival

The striking medieval city of Prague offers visitors numerous attractions: castles, towers, museums, a medieval Astronomical Clock, traditional and modern cuisine. But if you’re visiting in May or June, make sure that the Prague Spring International Music Festival is at the top of your list.

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Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Get Cultured at Berlin’s Literature Festival

Come September, most visitors to Germany are thinking about one event: Oktoberfest. But the country plays hosts to another – less raucous – festival during the month. The International Literature Festival Berlin welcomes over 100 authors and over 30,000 people who come for more than 300 events held around the city for 10 days in September.

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Bus Stories

London Street Photography Festival celebrates the city through unstaged photos

An exciting new event in London’s cultural calendar, London Street Photography Festival will showcase the best contemporary street photographers, while honoring past masters and providing a platform for dialogue around street photography.

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Five Free Ways to Experience Chicago This Summer

A visit to Chicago, as to most big cities, can be expensive. Downtown hotels don’t come cheap and dining in the city’s best restaurants can cost a pretty penny. Add in cab fares, museum fees, and tour prices, and you may think a visit to the Windy City is out of your budget. The good news is that not only are flights to Chicago fairly affordable from most other cities, but there’s also a ton of free and very cheap things to do to help you experience the best of the city on a smaller budget. Here are five ways to enjoy Chicago without paying a single cent.

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Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Attending a local festival or being in a country during a national holiday are great ways to dig deeper into the culture. But you don’t always need to travel to the place you think in order to join in on a specific event. For example, one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades is held in Chicago and there are Bastille Day celebrations all over the world, not just in France. Likewise, while it would be great to celebrate Cinco de May in Mexico, it’s not the only place to have a good time on May 5th.

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