Stockholm summer

Taking Advantage of Summer in Stockholm

When people think of Stockholm, it’s not uncommon for the word “cold” to come up frequently. Sweden’s winters are very cold, indeed – but at the opposite end of the spectrum, summer in Stockholm is utterly glorious.

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Tips & Tricks for Traveling with your iPhone

Traveling abroad with your iPhone? Check out some tips and tricks for intelligent traveling. Whether you are a spontaneous backpacker, touring couple, vacationing family, or business traveler we have some clever tips for you to take advantage of your smartphone on your travels.

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Must-Have iPhone Apps for Air Travel

4 apps recommended by Web Worker Daily:

National Geographic’s Top 20 iPhone Travel Apps

1. Next Flight – Flight tracking

2. UrbanSpoon – Best restaurant guide

3. HearPlanet – Wikipedia tour guide

4. Air Sharing

5. Tweetie – Send vacation pics

6. IAmHere – Sends an email with a link to Google Maps

7. World Customs – International dos and don’ts

8. Wi-Fi Finder

9. The Weather Channel

10. Google Earth

and soon mTrip Travel Guide :)

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