Summer in Paris

Visiting Paris in August: Not Such a Bad Idea After All

It’s common knowledge among travelers to Europe that August is a very bad time to go to Paris. Everything shuts down, they say, as most of the locals go on vacation in August. And it’s true. 50% of the city’s residents leave come August, but for those who stay, and for the tourists who come against the warnings, Paris in August turns out to be a more peaceful, relaxed version of itself.

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Paris catacombs

Paris Catacombs: What Lies Beneath the City of Light

With a deeper and more curious connection to its underground, Paris has another world that lies beneath its surface. Paris has unknown spaces of all kinds: canals, reservoirs, crypts, bank vaults, carrières as well as wine cellars that have been transformed into nightclubs and galleries. The surface world could barely notice and most Parisians may only be indistinctly aware of the extent to which their cities’ underground is occupied.

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Happy Normandy Landings

Looking for a relaxing family holiday retreat in France? Then look no further than the charming holiday villages, and historic towns and beaches of Normandy. Take your pick of the best family friendly holiday hotspots for big kids of all ages… star attractions include 600km of coastline – home to the famous D-Day landing beaches, picturesque fishing villages and chic seaside resorts, magnificent cathedrals, lush rolling countryside and the stunning Mont St. Michelle - France’s second most popular tourist attraction after the Eiffel tower.

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london spring

Best European Travel Destinations for Spring 2011

While many travelers flock to Europe in summer, spring is actually a great option for travel to various European destinations. Airfares and attractions are cheaper, while planes and places are less crowded. The weather is comfortable and everyone is beginning to see the light of day after winter’s haze.

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Romantic sightseeing in Paris on Valentine’s Day

Paris has long cashed in on its reputation for being the city of love. With romantic scenery at every turn, its no wonder. If you are spending Valentines Day with your loved one in Paris, make it a day of sightseeing and visit some of these romantic spots.

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