Budapest: The New Paris of the 20s?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been hearing places spoken about as “just like Paris of the 1920s.” When I first visited Prague in 1992, more than one person used that phrase to describe the city that was so recently free of Communist rule and seemed absolutely full of young artists, students, and musicians. Many of the new “Paris of the 1920s” locations are in Eastern Europe, and although Prague still tops the list of cities that get that moniker, Budapest is no stranger to that description, either. In fact, some take it a step further and say Budapest is like Prague – which is, in turn, like the Paris of the 20s – only they also say Budapest is much cheaper.

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UK festival, Museums at Night promises exciting after-hours events

As part of this year’s Museums at Night 2011, galleries, museums, libraries, archives and heritage sites across the UK and Europe are preparing a weekend of exciting late night events.

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Irish Museum of Modern Art

Enjoy museum-hopping while in Dublin

Up for some museum-hopping while in Dublin? To help plan your trip, we have enlisted the advice of our travel experts to give us the low-down on the top galleries in the city. Get your fill of exhibitions at these galleries and museums.

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Take a walk through ancient history at State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

Many say they are floored by the collections showcased at the State Tretyakov Gallery (Tret’iakovskaia Galereia). Trace Russian history as you make your way through this narrative museum filled to the gills with busts, landscapes, portraits, statues, icons and more.