Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Get Cultured at Berlin’s Literature Festival

Come September, most visitors to Germany are thinking about one event: Oktoberfest. But the country plays hosts to another – less raucous – festival during the month. The International Literature Festival Berlin welcomes over 100 authors and over 30,000 people who come for more than 300 events held around the city for 10 days in September.

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Berlin Music Week is all it’s cracked up to be.

Berlin is known for its rich and lively music scene and with the first edition of Berlin Music Week just around the corner, music lovers and media alike will be taken away by the lively and diverse sounds of the many epic artists making their mark on stage. “Meet people, enjoy music, make connections,” says Berlin Music Week. That’s what this music festival is all about.

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5 Cool Berlin Cafes for your sipping pleasure

The best part about the Berlin café culture is the cool neighborhood, local appeal. No matter which you choose, your coffee sipping experience will be accompanied by some pretty interesting people watching and lounging.

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Off the beaten path with “Real” Berlin Bands 2010

If you are looking for something fun and a little off the beaten path, check out ‘Real’ Berlin Bands Concert Series Festival. In celebration of Berlin’s talented emerging artists, the festival takes the focus away from the mainstream and puts it on the underground scene. The goal is to give these talented artists the recognition and respect they deserve from a wider audience.

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A Renewed Experience at Berlin’s Neues Museum

Berlin’s Neues Museum re-opened its doors to the public only recently after almost 70 years of being abandoned.

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