Vienna’s elegant and green Hotel Topazz

Opening this past April, the Hotel Topazz combines modern design with environmentally friendly initiatives to become the first upscale green hotel in Vienna. Located in the heart of city, its design makes the hotel almost an attraction in itself.

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high tech Eccleston hotel

Hi-Tech Hotel Targets Tech-Savvy Travelers with iPad in Every Room

With the advent of tech-savvy travelers and a crop of high-tech hotels to match, it has become increasingly difficult for traditional hotels to win over this niche group.

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Tips for Saving Money on a Trip to Dubai

Home to some of the world’s most expensive hotels, Dubai isn’t exactly known as a budget-friendly destination. And if you want to experience all the over-the-top, record-breaking attractions of Dubai – the indoor ski resorts and world’s tallest hotels and biggest shopping malls – you can hardly get by on a backpacker’s budget. But, if culture is more important to you than commerce, you can explore Dubai on much less than you might expect. Here’s how to save on every step of your trip.

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Tatzu Nishi - The Merlion Hotel

Singapore Biennale features exclusive stay in The Merlion Hotel

For just 32 exclusive nights between April 4th and May 5th, The Merlion Hotel will give guests the chance to sleep under the gaze of Singapore’s most iconic landmark, The Merlion.

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A Room for London exhibit

London’s most adventurous overnight stay: A Room for London

Are you an adventurous traveler, looking for somewhere interesting to stay while visiting London? A room with a view, perhaps?

Nothing would be more exciting, unusual or even poetic than staying in a ‘boat’, perched atop the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre. Commissioned by Living Architecture and Artangel, two of Britian’s leading cultural organizations, A Room for London is a unique installation that will be a part of the London 2012 Festival.

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