Six romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London

London is often viewed as a dark and misty city; though at times that may be true London can be just as romantic as “The City of Love” (Paris).  London has dozens of beautiful historic sites, gardens and is brimming with romantic possibilities. Valentine’s Day in London can be an unforgettable experience and if you are there with your loved one it is something you should not miss out on.  We have gathered some of the most romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London. Read more


Enjoying London’s Royal Attractions

In the days around July 4th in the United States, we’re all about beating the U-S-A! U-S-A! drum – and there’s nothing wrong with citizens celebrating their country’s independence. But for all our chest-thumping about how happy we are to be free from our one-time royal overlords, those royal attractions are top on our must-see list whenever we visit London.

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london spring

Best European Travel Destinations for Spring 2011

While many travelers flock to Europe in summer, spring is actually a great option for travel to various European destinations. Airfares and attractions are cheaper, while planes and places are less crowded. The weather is comfortable and everyone is beginning to see the light of day after winter’s haze.

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UK festival, Museums at Night promises exciting after-hours events

As part of this year’s Museums at Night 2011, galleries, museums, libraries, archives and heritage sites across the UK and Europe are preparing a weekend of exciting late night events.

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Bridge of Sighs in Oxford

Oxford: a day trip from London

Just an hour away from London by train, Oxford is an easy day trip from England’s capital. The city’s world-famous university is understandably its main attraction for visitors, but if you look beyond the ancient architecture, you’ll find many other delights awaiting you.

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