Washington, DC Summer Travel

One Last Family Summer Trip for 2011: Why not Washington DC?

Are you in the market for one last family vacation hurrah before the kids go back to school and you start making Christmas shopping lists? If you haven’t already been this year, Washington DC could fit the bill nicely.

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Berlin Wall - Berlin, Germany

Germany commemorates 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall

A powerful, physical symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was the barrier that isolated East from West Berlin for almost 30 years. 50 years later, Germany is commemorating the historic anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall built in 1961. The wall was built to decrease the activity of Germans moving from Communist East Berlin to Capitalist West Berlin. Upon its completion the wall stood 12 feet high and 28 miles long.

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Piazza del Popolo in Rome

Saving Time With the Piazzas of Rome

Piazzas (or plazas) are open spaces in Italian cities, and it is in Mediterranean countries where piazzas have a special place in city life. While open spaces can be found all over the world, in Italy they have been used to promote political aspirations, to demonstrate power and to serve as meeting places for protests and reform as well as serving as architectural “canvases” for artists such as Bernin, Borromini, and Michelangelo. Italians even have an expression, andare in piazza (literally, “to go to the plaza”), that means to take to the streets and protest!

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Buckingham Palace summer opening

Buckingham Palace Summer Opening July 23 to Oct 3

Beginning July 23, the Buckingham Palace State Rooms open to the public. It’s difficult to imagine being a part of the ceremonial and official occasions, but it’s certainly nice to get the visitor tour while the Queen takes her annual visit to Scotland.

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Sweet Home Chicago!

Chicago is the dynamo of America’s Mid West, a hard-working, hard-playing enclave where skyscrapers sprout from the ground, lively bars and restaurants dot almost every corner, and pockets of culture nestle on streets where a busy populace goes about its business. So how to spend your time when you arrive in the Windy City? There are numerous ways, but you should certainly dip a toe into each of the following:

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