mTrip launches completely redesigned travel guide in V2.5 for iPhone and Android!

Kicking off 2014 in style, mTrip is excited to announce the launch of V2.5 with our first major redesign! Over the years we’ve updated the design and added several popular features but V2.5 is the biggest update yet! Breaking off from our real-life based design, the travel guides now sport a flat user interface. The new interface is slicker, more functional and easier to use! We’ve also added some new features, such as additional trip planning options, new ways to sort the guide and a search option directly on the map. Read more

high tech Eccleston hotel

Hi-Tech Hotel Targets Tech-Savvy Travelers with iPad in Every Room

With the advent of tech-savvy travelers and a crop of high-tech hotels to match, it has become increasingly difficult for traditional hotels to win over this niche group.

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German TV channel SAT1 features mobile travel guides

mTrip gets tested on German TV

It’s the tried and true question for travel aficionados: what fares better, a paper guidebook or a mobile travel guide? Planetopia magazine, in association with the German TV channel SAT1 sent two of its reporters to Barcelona to do a true comparison between a paper guidebook, two mobile apps (mTrip & a competitor) as well as brochures from the tourist office.

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Taking Charge: Being Your Own Tour Guide

There have always been explorers – people who drew the maps rather than following them. For most of us, however, learning from those who have gone before is not only smart, it’s incredibly easy with all the tools available these days – including smartphone apps that make doing DIY tours simple and fun.

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mTrip Travel Guides

mTrip is offering free travel guides for Budapest & Prague Today

Who knows where your summer travels might take you….if they are taking you to Budapest or Prague, you will probably love mTrip today!

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