Dining Etiquette Around the World Featured

Dining Etiquette Around the World

Do you know your dining etiquette while traveling? Even if you think you do, you’re most likely to find a few surprises in this great infographic by Restaurant Choice. Belching, slurping, tipping, forks, chopsticks, sharing, and general customs from around the world!
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Taking Charge: Being Your Own Tour Guide

There have always been explorers – people who drew the maps rather than following them. For most of us, however, learning from those who have gone before is not only smart, it’s incredibly easy with all the tools available these days – including smartphone apps that make doing DIY tours simple and fun.

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Sweet Home Chicago!

Chicago is the dynamo of America’s Mid West, a hard-working, hard-playing enclave where skyscrapers sprout from the ground, lively bars and restaurants dot almost every corner, and pockets of culture nestle on streets where a busy populace goes about its business. So how to spend your time when you arrive in the Windy City? There are numerous ways, but you should certainly dip a toe into each of the following:

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hong kong on a budget

Budget Travel in Hong Kong Doesn’t Have to Mean Uncomfortable Travel

You hear the words “budget travel” and you probably have visions of backpackers, hostel dorm rooms, and taking the slow train. To some people, that sounds great – and to others, “budget travel” sounds too much like “uncomfortable travel, which is why it’s important to know when spending a little extra during a trip is worth it.

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Sightseeing tips for São Paulo: experience the local culture

São Paulo offers everything you’d wish for and more from a big city. Since it’s a sprawling metropolis and the best options are not always close together, the best tactic for making the most of your day is to look for regions that have a few interesting places. Saturdays are ideal for sightseeing around this dynamic city. It offers you a mood that is far more calm and relaxed. To follow the suggested itinerary schedule, click on the links throughout the article, or use your mTrip Sao Paulo travel guide to find the places.

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